Manual therapy helps a person whose improperly formed arch of the foot causes painful walking problems – a painful flat leg and bunion. Therapy of minor and other joints of the lower limb and leg removes blockages of peripheral joints, allowing full involvement and restoration of the function of weakened small muscles of the foot and knee, blood circulation and nutrition of the foot joints.

In coxarthrosis – a degenerative rheumatic disease of the hip joints and arthrosis of other joints, acting on the affected area, manual therapy stimulates osteogenesis – new formation and bone regeneration. Massage causes physiological occupational hyperemia – blood circulation and nourishment of the area.

Expert consultation is part of every therapy. The composition of the therapy is determined individually according to the effectiveness of the movement problem, but usually includes targeted manual therapy, Breuss and reflex massage, draft of rehabilitation exercises.


The composition of each therapy can be different, we approach each client individually in order to alleviate the difficulties, their treatment, or removal. After therapy, a 2-day rest period without heavy physical activity is recommended.


If interested, a guest can come to the therapy with an escort who can document the recommended rehabilitation exercises and relief positions for home rehabilitation.

Manual therapy helps with painful flat leg, bunion, problems with small joints of the foot and lower limb, blockages of peripheral joints, weakened leg muscles and knees, coxarthrosis, arthrosis of other joints, intervertebral disc pain.


inflammatory conditions, cancer, acute medical conditions, skin damage, problems with blood clotting, osteoporosis, fresh postoperative conditions (less than 4 weeks), open wounds, ulcers, disruption of muscles, pregnancy, acute viral / infectious diseases, severe spondylosis, fractures, acute pain.

Therapy includes:
– Local manual therapy
– Breuss massage
– Reflexology
– Consultation

Price list:

50 min. therapy – 39€

On order
15:00 – 22:00

Reservations: 043/401 20 55