Give your loved ones a time for relax, fun or experience. Give them a Hotel Turiec Gift Card with any amount of credit you’d like. Your loved ones can use it for anything and anytime.

Benefits of the Gift Card:

  • an ideal way to land your loved ones on various occasions with an unconventional gift (e.g. birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas)
  • optional credit amount
  • many possibilities of using the credit – resting in the hotel wellness, relaxing during one of the quality massages, muscle relaxation through health therapy, romantic dinner in our restaurant or a delicious coffee or any other drink in our café,
  • the gifted cardholder may draw the donated credit amount either at once or gradually,
  • prepared and released in a few minutes,
  • Verification of the balance at café
  • After spending the whole credit, they can return the card (person will be refunded a deposit of 2 €), recharge and give the card to others, or they can change it into a Hotel Turiec loyalty Club Card and use advantages of the club upon request.

Important information:

  • The Gift Card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue and cannot be renewed.
  • The hotel charges a deposit of 2 € for the Card, which is refundable after returning the Card at the hotel reception
  • if you are interested in using the Card for any selected service, we recommend to make a booking in advance. The gift card must be presented before the billing. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours before the day you plan to use the service, your gift card will be subject to 100% cancellation fee without refund.
  • if the client uses the service and does not have a gift card present, we can ask for payment on spot.

If you are interested in issuing a Gift Card, please contact us:

You can also buy Gift Cards for ARENA Martin at the hotel reception.