“Welcome to Hotel TURIEC – a place, where history blends with modern elements”

Hotel TURIEC opened its doors first time in December 1969.

It didn’t take long for then three-star hotel to became one of the most visited facilities and anyone who wanted to be in the centre of action, knew that this hotel was the right place.

After almost forty years of the Hotel’s busy life, the ravages of time have inexorably affected the equipment, but also the quality of service, and as the City did not find the funds for its renewal, the Hotel was sold into private hands.
For the following months the phase of testing the Hotel’s potential began, at the same time with preparations for a complete renovation, that has started in March 2008. During the reconstruction, the hotel was “stripped to the core”, leaving only the perimeter walls and no stone unturned on a place of its famous bar. The extensive warehouse and supply premises began to be transformed into premises suitable for conference tourism, as Hotel Turiec gradually transformed from a hotel focused mostly on social events, turned its attention to a client seeking business and congress opportunities.

It resumed its activities in late 2009 and quickly profiled itself as a modern city four-star hotel.
Nowadays, after more than 50 years of non-stop service, during which it witnessed joyful, mourning, cultural or business events, and despite the difficult times and regimes that have been alternating over these years, Hotel Turiec has become a landmark of Martin.

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